Day 3

Yesterday we created this interface that allows our users to write their experiences, similar to what they may do on a diary. So far, however, this is quite useless, since the experiences are not saved anywhere. Our users can write, click on the save button and see the text disappear, but the experience won't be anywhere. Today we fix that.

Day 4

Yesterday you prepared the interface that allows users to write new experiences and "save" them or cancel the operation. What's more, you already imported the NuGet package that helps us code the function that creates an SQLite database and performs queries to it. Heck, you now even have the path to that database over in your .NET Standard library, it is coming from either the Android or the iOS projects.

Day 5

Yesterday we learned how to connect to an SQLite database, create a table and insert into it. So far, however, we are only able to know if we successfully inserted by getting the return value of the Insert method, we don't yet know how to read the table and check if the items are there. Because of this, we are also not yet listing the items for the user to see.