Day 0

During the next ten days, you will be learning to use Xamarin for iOS and Android native app development. By the end of this couple of weeks, you will be able to build your apps with C# and XAML and deploy them to both Android and iOS. But before we get to that, you should complete a few steps that will get your computer ready for Xamarin development.

Day 2

You now have a better understanding of how Xamarin works. By now you should start to feel comfortable defining elements inside a XAML file, accessing them from the C# code behind, and even creating event handlers.

Day 5

Yesterday we learned how to connect to an SQLite database, create a table and insert into it. So far, however, we are only able to know if we successfully inserted by getting the return value of the Insert method, we don't yet know how to read the table and check if the items are there. Because of this, we are also not yet listing the items for the user to see.